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AC Repair | Why Did My AC Motor Stop Running

AC Repair | Air conditioning units are tough items. They’re designed to run multiple hours a day for months at a time. They do, however, break down from time to time. Most often, this involves the fan motor itself. The fan motor and the condenser fan, which are both part of the compressor, comprise the outside portion of a central air conditioning system.

Often, if the compressor won’t run, the problem might be simple. For example, there could just be a disconnected wire. Sometimes, the motor might even trip a circuit breaker in the dwelling in question. It might also seem silly to say, “Check your thermostat,” but the fan won’t run if the temperature inside the house is lower than the setting. In any event, before calling a technician, check the following things:

  • Thermostat setting
  • Visible wire connections
  • Circuit breaker box
  • Whether or not the fan blades turn when the unit isn’t running

For the last one, be sure to turn the circuit breaker off so that the fan doesn’t start unexpectedly and sever one or more of your fingers.

Sometimes, the fan won’t start right away but will start if someone gives the fan a push. If this is the case, and you’re a little handier than most, you can check the capacitor for the compressor. Also, once you’ve turned off the power, you can also check the bearing in the motor. If the fan blades turn easily with the power off, particularly if you can pick up the driveshaft, then the bearing might be shot.

When it comes to air conditioning, especially if you have an older R-22 unit, all AC repair work should be done by a certified HVAC technician. Making a mistake doing it yourself can be costly, especially if you inadvertently create a coolant leak. JD Plumbing Services can help you with your necessary AC repair, so it might behoove you to check them out.

Call Today (919) 383-7000 for Outstanding AC Repair in Raleigh, NC

You can count on the technicians at JD Service Now to complete your air conditioning repair services with the devotion to excellence which is our trademark. When you need any central air repair or AC repairs in general, we are the company to call. We service all makes and models of air conditioners. Regardless of how you choose to cool your home, our team can handle any air conditioner repair in Raleigh, NC.

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