Kitchen Sink Drain

Three Easy Ways To Keep Your Drains In Tip-Top Shape

Drain problems are the most common plumbing issues we know of. Lucky enough, they are also easy to prevent through proper maintenance! Avoid the hassle of clogged, smelly drains with these three simple steps.

Check Your Pipes

Checking under the sinks in your home can do a world of good if there’s an issue to be noted. Look for leaks or cracks in the pipe that may allude to significant damage to your plumbing or your drain. If there is a leak present, try to control it by drying the area with towels, wrapping the pipe, and calling our JD team for additional assistance.

Watch What You Flush

Drains are not invincible! While a small piece of food or a few wipes may not seem like a big deal, any blockage in your pipes can cause harm to your home. In extreme cases, clogged drains can lead to pipes bursting, causing leakage and damage to the home’s foundation. In conclusion, if it’s not water or a liquid, avoid putting it down the drain or consider buying a filter or catcher for the drain.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning your drains is as simple as pouring an approved solution down it to aid in breaking down the buildup within. For a natural approach, most people swear by the combination of baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning agent. You can also clean your drain with harmless products in your home.

Simple as one, two, three! Performing maintenance on your drains can help prevent issues later, and it’s quite easy. Make sure to observe the condition of your pipes, watch what goes down the drain, and do a little cleaning here and there to maintain an efficient water flow throughout your home! Notice anything out of the ordinary? Give JD Service Now a call today to schedule your appointment at (919) 502-0985!