What are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Commercial Buildings?

The Durham plumbing professionals at JD Service Now have gathered a list of the most common types of plumbing issues that occur in commercial buildings.

The most common types of plumbing issues that occur in commercial buildings include:

  • Toilet clogs
  • Broken toilet handles
  • Sewage blocks
  • Leaking faucets

If you own a business, then you know how plumbing issues can put a toll on your daily operations. Depending on your business, plumbing problems can force you to shut down for days—resulting in lost customers. Unfortunately, plumbing issues can be common if a facility isn’t frequently maintained. The plumbing professionals at JD Service Now have gathered some of the most common plumbing issues they see occur in commercial buildings. Keep a close eye on these areas to prevent plumbing issues from affecting your business operations.

Toilet Clogs

Toilets in commercial buildings are one of the typical plumbing issues. Although commercial toilets are designed to withstand more use, they are still bound to experience more clogs than residential toilets. Many people also flush feminine products or other things they aren't supposed to, causing serious plumbing issues. In many cases, a clogged toilet isn’t an easy fix, so you may need a professional to fix these issues.

Broken Toilet Handles

Because toilets are used more frequently used in commercial buildings, it is common for commercial toilet handles to break. Although new plumbing technology has introduced extremely advanced automatic toilets, they still have the possibility of malfunctioning and causing flushing problems.

Sewage Blocks

Sewage blocks are another severe problem that commonly occurs in commercial buildings compared to residential properties. Sewage blocks can lead to extremely unpleasant odors and other plumbing issues. Unpleasant smells can also drive away business and can make it troubling for employees to work comfortably.

Leaking Faucets

Another common plumbing issue in commercial properties includes leaky faucets. Although this plumbing issue can seem minor, leaks can add up to hundreds of gallons a month—resulting in an increase in water bills if the problem is left untouched. If you discover a leak, don’t ignore it. Contacting a plumbing expert as soon as possible would save you money down the line.

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