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5 Plumbing Tips You Can Do to Save Money

The team of plumbing professionals from JD Service Now provides you with useful plumbing tips on how to save money on your water bill, and in the long run.

If you want to save money, follow these plumbing tricks:

#1: Clean your drains

#2: Install low-flow toilets

#3: Repair cracks and leaks quickly

#4: Routine Maintenance

#5: Upgrade shower heads

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Most homeowners like to keep their plumbing issues our of mind until the problem needs to be fixed. What most homeowners don’t know is that a few simple repairs and routine maintenance can actually save them a lot of money. Fixing, repairing, and replacing your plumbing will improve your water efficiency, prevent leaks and other major issues from occurring. 

If you want to save money and headaches in the future, follow the plumbing tricks below:

#1: Clean your drains— When you allow food debris, hair, and other items to go down your drains, you are likely to run into a clog. Clogs cause backups that lead to pipe breakage. We recommend you to keep drains clean to avoid clogs and further damage that will cost you a lot in repairs. Check your plumbing regularly to find any issues. The team of plumbing professionals from JD Service now can assist you with drain cleanings.

#2: Install low-flow toilets—One way to save money is by installing a low-flow toilet that is designed to reduce water usage per flush by 15% to 20%. Most modern toilets use around 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of water per flush. Switching to a low-flow toilet is a great way to consume less water every time you use the restroom.

#3: Repair cracks and leaks quickly— If you have noticed small damp patches on the walls, roof, or floor/ground, it can be an indication of cracked or leaking pipes. Even the smallest leak can waste one to two gallons of water every day. They may look like a small problem that doesn’t need your immediate attention, but these issues can grow into serious plumbing issues. We recommend contacting one of our plumbing professions, so we can inspect it.

#4: Routine Maintenance— A great way to save money is to take preventative measures. Be sure to take a look at your pipes, water meters, and anything else once a month or every few months. If you notice a problem, have it fixed right away. If you leave problems unattended, they can turn into bigger issues that will cost you more money to fix.

#5: Upgrade shower heads— We recommend installing a water-saving shower head that can cut your water usage by 50%. When you install a water-saving showerhead, you will notice the difference in your water bill.

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The team at JD Service Now actually cares about your home and your comfort. This is why we are dedicated to serving clients in the Durham area and surrounding areas. We provide clients with honest evaluations of your plumbing, and we’ll provide repairs while keeping your home clean and spotless. You can trust us to deliver high-quality workmanship and service you need.

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