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Plumbing Issues You Should Never Handle Yourself

There are serious plumbing issues that should never become a homeowner’s DIY project. According to the Durham plumbing experts at JD Service Now, there are the plumbing problems you should never handle on your own:

  • Remodeling Plumbing Projects
  • Replacing Pipes
  • Water Heater Problems
  • Water Line Problems
  • Water Pressure Problems

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Every homeowner faces plumbing issues throughout the years. Whether it’s clogged sinks to burst pipes, some homeowners are quick to face plumbing challenges and try to fix them on their own. While some issues can easily be taken care of, there are others that you should never attempt to fix on our own. Many plumbing issues require experienced plumbers who have the tools and knowledge to handle them. The Durham plumbing experts shared the top plumbing issues that you should be handled by a professional.


If you are remodeling your home and you need to change your plumbing system, you should get a professional plumber to help you with all the plumbing updates. Whether you need to mount a new sink, tub or pipes, a plumbing professional can help you install them properly. Changing items in your plumbing system is a complex job. You don’t want plumbing mistakes to ruin your remodeling job; that is why you should leave this job to the professionals.

Replacing Pipes

Whether your water or sewer pipes need to be replaced, this is never a job you should handle yourself. Trying to replace a pipe on your own can make the situation much worse if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Replacing pipes requires the right tools and knowledge to replace them correctly.

Water Heater Problems

Since all water heaters have a unique set of features, looking up how to fix your water heater on YouTube won’t necessarily work. Trying to fix or install a water heater on your own can make situations much worse. Installing a water heater on your own can be extremely dangerous because some electric water heaters have large amounts of volts of electricity. If you try to install a gas water heater, you may end up with a gas leak. For that reason, we recommend letting a professional install or fix water heaters for your safety.

Water Line Repairs

You may notice you have a problem with your water line when your water pressure is low, or you have discolored water. If you have a water line problem, it is best to have a professional handle it. Trying to fix the issue yourself can cause more damage and you will end up spending more money.

Water Pressure Problems

Since low water pressure can be caused due to a number of issues, this is another plumbing problem you should never attempt to fix yourself. Some are caused due to a pipe blockage and even a cracked pipe. If you notice that the water pressure is low, contact a professional. Although it may seem like a minor problem, low water pressure can also be a sign of a major plumbing problem.

If you’re experiencing the plumbing issues listed above, it is vital to have an experienced plumber handle it. Contact the Durham and Raleigh plumbing experts at JD Service Now. Call us today to schedule service at (919) 626-3626!


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