What to Do When Your Water Heater Is Leaking

A water heater leak may seem like a minor issue but left alone, it will lead to serious and costly problems. We've put together this list to help you repair your water heater leak!

The basic process:

  • Determine the location of the leak
  • Cut power to the water heater
  • Shut off the water
  • Drain the water
  • Replace the valve
  • Refill the tank

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In extreme cases, water heater failures can lead to significant repair bills and property damage. Water heater problems may start with a small leak, but it can get worse with time. It's vital to fix water heater leaks as soon as possible.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Determine the Location of the Leak

Not every puddle under a water heater is necessarily due to a leak. Water heaters often have other pipes or appliances around it creating condensation, which can drip to the floor. If a small amount of water is found near your water heater, wipe it down and observe it to learn where it is coming from.

Step 2: Cut the Power

If you've confirmed the leak is from the water heater, the first thing to do is cut the power to the water heater. If you have a gas water heater, you should be able to shut it off on the thermostat. If you have an electric heater, use the breaker panel to turn it off.

Step 3: Shut Off the Water

Next, you will want to turn off the water. Most water heaters will have a valve located above the heater that will shut off your water supply. It is vital to avoid contact with any water while shutting off the valve since the water will be hot.

Step 4: Drain the Water Tank

Once you've shut off the water, you'll need to drain the tank. The first step is to find the drain valve near the bottom of the water heater and attach a hose. Then you can run the hose to a floor drain. You will need to drain the tank to replace the valve. Once you've installed the new valve, you can turn on the water to refill the tank. Don't turn the heater back on until the tank is full.

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If you are having trouble fixing your water heater leak or your leak is not coming from the valve, contact JD Service Now! Most DIY methods won’t fix long-term problems. Failing to fix your water heater leak can result in a greater and costlier project in the future. Contact a Durham HVAC professionals to ensure your water heater is fully functional.

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