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Make Spring Cleaning Much Nicer with This Thermostat Trick

VacuumWhen you pick up a broom and dig into your spring cleaning chores, you are going to kick up a big cloud of dust wherever you go. Yes, you need to dust your appliances, vacuum your rugs, and otherwise tidy up for spring cleaning, but what are you supposed to do about all the dust that goes into the air? Not only will it make you sneeze and trigger allergies, but it will also settle again elsewhere, effectively undoing all your efforts.

Turn Your Thermostat On 

This is where an incredible thermostat trick comes in handy! Before you start your spring cleaning, switch your thermostat fan to ON without turning on the air conditioner or the heater. This function will turn on the fans in your ventilation system and start to cycle the air in your home.

While you are cleaning, the dust kicked up by your broom, sweeper, or dust will float up into the ventilation system. Inside the ducts, the dust and micro-debris will get caught in your AC system’s filter. Just like that, there is no more dust settling around your house because it has been stuck in a filter instead.

Remember to turn your thermostat back to typical settings when you are done, though. Leaving your fan in the ON position will rack up your electricity bill since the fan runs constantly, not just when it is needed as it does in AUTO mode. Leaving a fan ON will also increase the chances of sharply raising the humidity in your house, which causes general discomfort but can also end up damaging electronics.

Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists in Durham

Not sure if your HVAC system is running properly? If it is not, the spring cleaning tip will not work correctly! To schedule AC maintenance that can spot any major issues or just keep your system running with optimal efficiency, you can contact JD Service Now and our Durham HVAC service specialists. We have become a household name in our communities due to our friendly and knowledgeable technicians who complete projects on-time and at a competitive price.