When Should You Consider Replacing Your A/C Unit?

Over time, air conditioners grow old, wear out, and just don’t work like they used to. Combined with the leaps that air conditioning and energy-saving technology make during the life of your system and you may find you have numerous reasons to replace your air conditioner with an entirely new system. How can you tell you should consider getting a replacement?

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you could see some huge benefits from making the change.

  • System Age

    How old is your current air conditioner? If it’s 10 years old or more, you may want to start considering the cost-effectiveness of your system. As systems age, even with annual maintenance services, they simply wear out and become less effective at doing their job. As a result, you get less cool air for the same or even more energy burn, meaning you’re paying more to cool your house slower and less efficient. The average system is also only rated to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. If you’re approaching this age, it may be best to get a replacement before your unit burns out completely.

  • Frequent Repairs

    Have you needed a major repair to your air conditioner fairly frequently for the last few years? Your system may simply be past its useable life. Rather than continue to pay repair bills, it may be in your best interest to just replace the unit entirely. While a full unit replacement may cost more in the short term, the savings, in the long run, can be immense. Not to mention you also won’t be living in fear or dreading the day when your system will once again break down and force you to make yet another repair service call.

  • Expensive Energy Bills

    An old system is an inefficient system. Over time, air conditioner coils become dirty and lose their ability to effectively transfer heat. Motors wear out. Your thermostat becomes less sensitive. And as a result, your system doesn’t cool home efficiently, which causes your energy bills to rise. With a new system, not only are all of your parts new and working at their best, but modern technology has also greatly reduced the amount of electricity required to cool the air. Again, a replacement may be more money in the short term, but long-term savings could make the investment pay off quickly.

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