Why Am I Constantly Seeing Dust on My Furniture?

Few things are more frustrating than dusting one day and seeing dust again on your furniture soon afterward. You can clean and clean for hours and still be frustrated by evidence of dust the next morning. So, where is it all coming from?

Air Ducts

Well, if you haven’t cleaned or serviced your air ducts in a while, that could be the problem. If your air ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust, debris, or particles, they could be traveling into your home from your supply registers.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that your air ducts be cleaned only as needed, so it’s not something you have to do routinely. However, it may be necessary if dust is beginning to filter into your home from the ducts.

Checking For Leaks

Likewise, if you hire someone from JD Service Now to clean your air conditioner or heater, they can also check them for leaks in the ducts and the air-handling system. If you have leaks in your ducts, dust from your attic can get sucked into the ducts and distributed throughout the house. Even an excellent filtration system can’t prevent all dust from finding its way through the vents and onto your recently cleaned furniture.

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