Drain Cleaning | Why is My Tub Backing Up?

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September 7, 2016

Drain Cleaning | Why is My Tub Backing Up?

Drain Cleaning | If you have a backup in your tub, it’s most likely caused by a clog somewhere in the pipes. This clog could sit just below the drain or somewhere deeper in the sewer line. You may notice the clog when your bath water drains slowly or not at all. Water may even appear in the bathtub when you flush the toilet. Before you consider a professional drain cleaning as a possible solution, you might be able to detect and fix the problem yourself.

3 Reasons Why Your Bathtub is Backed Up

1. The drain stopper is stuck.

It’s quite common for the drain stopper to get stuck in the closed position. Sometimes, the drain down rod can rust and break off, keeping the water inside the tub. A professional plumber can tackle this kind of repair in an instant, and save you the trouble of repairing it yourself.

2. There’s a clog right below the drain

Most bathtub clogs occur when hair builds up in the drain. If an over-the-counter drain cleaner doesn’t break up the clog, try a plumber’s snake. Simply insert the snake into the drain, and pull out the clog. This technique may not work if the clog is farther down the pipe or somewhere else in the plumbing system.

3. There’s a clog in the secondary drain

The fixtures in a bathtub connect to a secondary plumbing drain in most cases. If there’s a clog in this drain, any water that goes down the kitchen drain or the toilet will come back up into the tub. In severe cases, a clog in the main plumbing line will send wastewater backup into the tub and the sinks

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