5 Tips for HVAC Maintenance in Cary, NC You Must Follow This Spring

How sure are you of the health of your HVAC system? With spring around the corner, knowing your HVAC system is up to speed for the coming summer months should be a priority for homeowners in Cary, NC, because when those warm summer months hit you'll be sure to want that AC working. When it comes to HVAC maintenance in Cary, NC, there are a few steps you should follow before spring arrives each year.

Below is a list of 5 tips for HVAC maintenance in Cary, NC, to undergo before spring comes with summer hot on its heels.

  • Air Filter Replacement: Replacing the air filter on your HVAC system is the easiest HVAC maintenance you can perform, and homeowners can easily do it themselves. The replacement is a simple as removing the filter and replacing it with a new unit. Air filter replacement will help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and keep the air in your home clean and allergen free. This step should be taken monthly to ensure proper HVAC maintenance.
  • HVAC Inspection: Having a professional like JD Plumbing come in to inspect your HVAC system before the spring arrives is never a bad idea. Having the trained eye of a professional look at your system can help identify any current or soon-to-be issues in your HVAC unit, alleviating the need for HVAC maintenance or repair down the line.
  • Duct Maintenance: If you haven't looked at your air ducts in a while, add this as a spring cleaning to do. Cleaning out your air ducts will help remove any allergens, dust, and debris in the system, providing cleaner air in your home. This can be done by the homeowner himself or done by a professional.
  • Insulation Installation: Insulation for your home isn't just to keep the heat in during the winter months, but can also be vital to keeping the cool air in during the summer. Providing insulation to the ducts in your HVAC system this spring will help improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit, lowering energy bills and keeping your home comfortable.
  • System Upgrade: There is no better way to ensure improved efficiency and reliability than to install a new system. If your HVAC system is getting up there in years and frequently requiring HVAC maintenance, it may be time to install a new system. A new system will be sure to keep your home comfortable all year long and require less maintenance in the future.

With spring around the corner, looking into HVAC maintenance is a smart move for homeowners who want to stay cool during the warmer months. For any and all HVAC maintenance in Cary, NC, call JD Plumbing to keep your home comfortable and efficient all season long.