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3 Reasons to Consider Furnace Replacement in Raleigh

Many homeowners are familiar with the experience of an old furnace at the end of its service life. The noise, the inconsistency, and the impending notion of a major expense. You might try to put off the expense to a better time, but there never seems to be a convenient time to spend so much money.

The good thing is there are professionals who understand furnace replacement for Raleigh homeowners and the burdens it can place on them. An old furnace can have negative impacts on the interior environment. These range from poor heating to stinky odors or even carbon monoxide emissions.

Below are three major reasons you might need to replace your furnace.

  • Insufficient Heating: Your furnace may no longer be able to keep up with the demands of your home. Its efficiency may have waned or its parts are no longer functioning the way they used to. This decreases its ability to provide the heating for the given size of your home and rooms. You'll notice some rooms are hotter, while others seem unusually cool. The offset in temperature distribution is a tell-tale sign you may need to consider furnace replacement in Raleigh.
  • The Bills Are Going Way Up: After 20 years or so, furnaces start to break down. Utility costs naturally go up, but an inauspicious spike could tell you something is wrong. You could go with repairs if it happens just once. A more consistent increase in costs, however, could mean it's time to invest in a furnace that is newer and more energy efficient. Utility costs should go down and might even offset the price of a new furnace over time. A carbon footprint reduction is another effect and can reflect your environmental concerns.
  • The Furnace Is Just Old: At some point, your furnace will age beyond repair. One may last up to 25 years, but back then the energy efficiency standards were leaner and the technology was not as advanced. Replacing parts may become prohibitively expensive or impossible, especially if manufacturers halt production of old parts. For a time you might scramble to keep your old furnace running. At some point, you'll have to let go and consider the benefits of a new one.

If you need to upgrade, JD Service Now can help with furnace replacement in Raleigh and offer you the best suggestions. Contact the company today if your old heating system is not on par with what you could have - a more reliable, efficient furnace built to modern standards.