5 Money-Saving Tips for Heating Maintenance in Durham NC

Effective heating maintenance in Durham can rescue you from plenty of financial woes this winter. Many homeowners will rely on their heating systems a little more than necessary, leaving them with higher costs on monthly bills and an additional layer of stress for the season. While it's undeniably important to have a working heating system that will prove you with comforting heat, you also need to be smart with your savings and proper maintenance will mean you'll have a higher chance of saving more than a few pennies.

Consider JD Service Now to have your best interests in mind when it comes to saving money on heating this winter. We want to see our customers receive the best heating in the most cost-efficient way possible. Besides, heating is a basic need, and we believe it shouldn't cost you an entire wallet's worth of money just to keep it in your home. Of course, the team of heating experts at JD Service Now are always ready to provide the best heating service, so never fear to call us!

How Can You Save Money This Winter?

If you're stuck in a tricky financial situation with your heating, here are some tips we can provide you to keep the quality of heat high and those bothersome bills down to a low.

  1. Don't rely on exhaust fans: If you have an exhaust fan in your home, keep usage down to a minimum. Exhaust fans can move hot air out of any room and out of your home, so only use them when you absolutely must or else you may have to pay for it once you see the high costs of your monthly utility bills.
  2. Use ceiling fans: You may think to only use your ceiling fans in the summer, but they can be used in a strategic capacity during the winter months. Turning ceiling fans clockwise will trap heat in your home and keep rooms warmer.
  3. Only heat rooms in use: Of course, you want your home to be heated as much as possible. But there's no need to heat all the rooms in your home all at once, especially if some rooms are currently not in use. Consider investing in zoning systems that will divide rooms into zones that will adjust the temperature according to a room's specifications.
  4. Keep furnace clean: Keep your furnaces and vents unblocked to maintain a better sense of energy conservation in your home. If you want to ensure better indoor air quality to go alongside heating, clean or replace furnace filters to rid them of any dirt or debris.
  5. Lock doors and windows: Keep doors and windows in all areas of your home locked to prevent cool outdoor air from entering your home. Also, consider heat tape to block out any air leaks you encounter that may cause you to waste warm air.

Pick up the phone and call JD Service Now today if you want to learn more tips on heating maintenance in Durham!