Sewer Repair | Do I Have A Cracked Pipe?

Backups from broken sewer pipes create several health hazards.

Follow these tips to find out if you have a cracked pipe.

1. Check Your Water Usage Statistics

If you are consistent about water consumption and rates have not risen, you may have a cracked pipe. Look at the bills for the previous few months to see how much usage increased each month.

2. Be Vigilant About Odors

Sewer systems should always be airtight and odorless for sanitation. Seeping water from cracked pipes causes mold or mildew and a musty odor. Also, you may notice a sewer gas smell if there is a crack.

3. Examine Your Lawn

Look for unexplained patches of thick lush grass. For yards with no grass, look for constantly muddy or damp areas. These can be indicators of an underground pipe crack. Also, you may notice indentations in your lawn or sinking paved areas.

4. Watch For Persistent Clogs

If your sink, bathtub or toilet frequently backs up and drains slowly, do not use harsh drain cleaners. These chemical cocktails quickly eat away at PVC and metal pipes. A sewer repair company can use a special camera to do a visual inspection and find the crack or the culprit of the perpetual clogs.

5. Look For Pests

Rats often live in sewers and can indicate a crack in your system. The same is true with roaches. If you have chronic problems with these pests, rule out a sewer pipe crack before spending thousands on frequent pest control.

At the first sign of any problem, it is important to call a sewer repair professional. As cracks worsen, the damage to your home and property becomes more expensive to fix. JD Plumbing Services offers sewer repair services in Raleigh and surrounding areas.