Water Heater Installation in Chapel Hill: 4 Things to Consider Before Installing

Looking for water heater installation in Chapel Hill? Then it's important to give it thought before you act! While you need a water heater that will provide you with endless hot water for all plumbing fixtures, you also need to think about what model of water heater is perfect for you in regards to your budget, physical space, and heating demands. All too often we see customers get caught up in the excitement of buying a new water heater that they wind up purchasing the wrong water heater!

Thanks to great water heater installation in Chapel Hill, JD Service Now will make sure you have the water heater that's right for you. We can help you out in every step of the process to make sure you won't land a water heater that can't adequately meet your hot water needs. Our main goal is to see you with a water heater that makes you happy!

What Should You Consider Water Heater Installation in Chapel Hill?

When it comes to actually purchasing a water heater, it's up to you. Here are 4 questions you must absolutely ask yourself before you throw your money down:

  • Storage Tank or Tankless Model? As we've seen, there's a considerable difference in lifespan. However, there's also a considerable difference in price, with tankless appliances requiring more of an investment. Then again, tankless water heaters also waste less water and take up less space in your home. It's really up to you, depending on your financial situation and home space.
  • Do You Have Space? New water heater models are slightly larger than the old ones. For some homeowners, this could mean that their old location is too tight to place the new appliance, and they need to adapt their plumbing system accordingly. Not every home can fit a giant water heater tank into the space provided. This may take some long-term planning, so don?t rush the process.
  • What Are Your Hot Water Demands? When trying to find the right water heater for you, it's important to consider the exact amount of hot water you need to live comfortably in your home. If you live alone, then you need a water heater model that can meet your needs. However, if you live with family, then you'll need a water heater that's more adept at providing hot water for all members of your household.
  • Is it Within Your Budget? That new, fancy water heater may be nice, but it also may not be something you can realistically afford. It's best to find a water heater model that balances cost efficiency with high performance. Remember: a lower-priced water heater doesn't mean lower quality!

Contact JD Service Now today for water heater installation in Chapel Hill and of course, think about these 3 things before you make the decision to go ahead!