5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Durham

Water heater repair in Durham is just as essential as stocking up on blankets and sweatshirts if you expect to be comfortable in your home this season. While North Carolina may experience some warmer temperatures during November and December compared to other parts of the country, it's important to make sure you have a steady flow of hot water in your home. You must get it fixed at the first signs of a problem, or else be prepared to spend the fall and winter dealing with cold water.

JD Service Now offers great water heater repair in Durham that will see your water heater fixed in record time. Our team of water heating experts are some of the most experienced in the area and can tackle any problem you may encounter with your water heater. Though we've seen homeowners time and time again refuse to seek treatment for their failing water heater, we're always ready to spread the good word on why water heater repair should be one of your top priorities this season.

When Do You Need Water Heater Repair in Durham?

If you think you're alone with your water heater problems, think again. Here are 5 common signs our water heating experts usually identify when it's time for water heater repair:

  • Low Water Pressure: This issue typically occurs with tankless water heaters and is caused by the fact that the heating element needs time to heat the water before delivering it to the point of use.  Low water pressure can make those otherwise peaceful relaxing showers even more uncomfortable!
  • No Hot Water: A lack of hot water is a frustrating problem that usually occurs when the storage tank isn't large enough to accommodate the daily hot water consumption. Replacing the appliance with one with a larger tank is the recommended solution.
  • Physical Damage: Leaks in the storage tank or its plumbing are indicated by wet spots or pooling water beneath the appliance. It can sometimes be fixed by tightening or replacing the affected part. While smaller leaks and cracks may not seem like much of a concern, it can waste you plenty of gallons of water.
  • Tank Corrosion: A rusted storage tank that's not caused by a leak is most likely due to condensation causing corrosion. Over time, this will result in leaks, so you need to choose whether to wait or to invest in a new heater.
  • Water Contamination: If you're noticing sediment in your hot water, the tank or lines probably need cleaning. Water with high amounts of sediment can actually be hazardous to consume, which makes it all the more important to get your water heater fixed.

Contact JD Service Now today for water heater repair in Durham, especially if you notice these 5 signs!