Summers in North Carolina Get HOT - Call JD for HVAC in Durham

June 24, 2015

We all know how unbearably hot summers can get in North Carolina, and that?s why homeowners and business owners should make sure their HVAC in Durham is working properly.

Why You Need HVAC in Durham

With summer temperatures often in the mid-90s in North Carolina, property owners can?t keep their properties cool with ceiling or floor fans. And when indoor temperatures get uncomfortably hot in your home, it can not only make you more tired and listless, it can even make you, your family and your pets sick from heatstroke. At the same time, if the air is humid and has high levels of pollutants, it can create breathing problems and allergies.

If you own a business, uncomfortably high temperatures and low air quality can compromise the health and productivity of your employees and cause clients or customers to stay away. Moreover, high temperatures can cause damage to computers and other sensitive electronics.

Clearly, whether you own a home, a business or both, you absolutely need a properly functioning air conditioning system to keep the indoors healthy and comfortable.

Selecting the Right HVAC System

If your old air conditioner is broken or worn out, or if your property simply doesn?t have air conditioning, it can be challenging to know what type of AC to select. Fortunately, the HVAC experts at JD Service Now can help. We have years of experience advising residential and commercial customers in the Durham area on what kind of air conditioning system is best for them. When you call us, we?ll discuss your needs and situation with you, paying attention to things such as how long each day the property is occupied, how many rooms are constantly in use, whether there?s an existing air duct system or not. Based on this assessment, we?ll suggest your best options. Depending on the situation, these can be a central air system with air ducts; window-mounted ACs; or a min-split system that allows you to control the temperature separately for each room.

Once you?ve made your selection, we?ll schedule a timely appointment for HVAC installation, so when the really warm days of summer arrive, you?ll be comfortably cool inside your property.