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Ask a Plumber in Apex, NC: Why Is My Drain Clogged?

July 15, 2015

If you call a plumber in Apex to clean your drains, it?s the perfect opportunity to ask him what causes drain clogs. After all, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and this is a great opportunity to learn how to avoid your drains getting blocked.

Causes of Drain Clogs

First of all, it?s important to understand that no matter how unpleasant a blocked drain is, it can happen to the best of us. Here are three common reasons a drain can get clogged:

  1. Build-up of residue and sludge in the drain. We use drains to flush away wastewater from our homes. This wastewater contains various forms of organic waste, which can build up inside the pipes until they become blocked.
  2. The drain?s blocked by a large object. Food particles, paper products and sanitary products are just a few of the things a normal household flushes down the drain. Large objects can get lodged in the drain, causing it to get completely blocked.
  3. The drain is clogged by tree roots. Tree roots grow towards food sources. And guess what? Organic waste is a rich source of nutrients for trees. Roots can enter a drain through cracks and seams, and eventually grow so dense that the drain gets blocked.

Preventing Drain Clogs

Preventing drain clogs isn?t difficult; it just requires some discipline, common sense and consistency:

  • Use your garbage disposal to grind up food waste when flushing it down the drain.
  • Never flush bulky sanitary items down the toilet.
  • Clean your drains with a drain cleaning solution once a month.

If you keep these points in mind, you might never have to deal with a clogged drain again!

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