AC Repair in Raleigh: When to Call an HVAC Expert

July 1, 2015

You may have the best AC on the block, but here?s the harsh truth: you will need AC repair in Raleigh at some point. Motors can die, filters can block, and condensation can leak. But that?s only scratching the surface as far as AC issues are concerned. Repairs can cost you a hefty sum of cash if neglect proper repair long enough, and your best bet is to call JD Service Now, Heating, & Air Conditioning upon the first signs your AC needs repair.

Our HVAC experts keep homes across Raleigh cool with quality AC repair, but when should you give them a call? Well, here?s a few important signs telling you it?s time to pick up the phone and have our HVAC experts show up at your doorstep:


Pay attention to any hotspots in your home, which could be a sign of uneven cooling. Your AC should ideally remove warm air from your home through the use of return of ductwork, which then takes and cools fresh air from the outdoors and releases it into your home. However, this ?give and take? balance can become uneven, leading to some areas feeling as hot as ever. This could be a sign of numerous problems with your AC?s internal components, and it?s best to let a professional take a look.

You?re Wasting Power

Your AC is a powerful unit, but there?s something wrong when it requires more and more power to do its job. There?s no need to rack up costs on an energy bill on a single AC unit. This excessive use of power could be a sign your AC is overcompensating for underlying problems, and it?s a smart move to call our HVAC experts immediately before problems take a turn for the worst.

Cooling Costs Increase

When your AC starts relying on more power to provide your home with cool air, you could see your cooling costs increase, even when your AC usage remains low. This could see you shelving out money you shouldn?t have to let go in the first place. If you notice a stark difference between your cooling costs and level of AC usage, then it?s time to call our HVAC experts.

If you notice any of the above signs, call JD Service Now, Heating, & Air Conditioning today for AC repair in Raleigh. Our HVAC experts are available 24/7 for all your AC repairs!