Heating Service in Raleigh NC

January 23, 2015

In our latest blog, we talked about 5 ways you could keep your home warmer this winter and our experts still have a few more tips to share! These simple adjustments to your home can help you improve the comfort of your home and save money every month.

5 MORE Ways to Keep Your Raleigh House Warm This Winter

1. Don't place your furniture near, around, or in front of your vents.

Make sure first to check that none of the vents are blocked. If you do have any blocked vents, try to rearrange the furniture, for at least as long as the winter season lasts. If the return vents are blocked, this can lead to some issues with pressure from your central heating system. This is what will also hinder the flow of hot air. You should be able to feel the air coming from the vent when you stand or place your hand in front of it.

2. Seal all potential air leaks

Air leaks commonly occur through windows and doors, but there can be other weaknesses in the home that allow hot air to escape. This could be anything from your basement (in the spot where the wood frame meets the cement), as well as the hood vents in your kitchen. Our recommendation? Caulking these areas.

3. Close the doors to your living spaces

You should make sure that the doors and windows are always closed to allow maximal heating to occur, particularly in rooms where you and your family spend the most time.

Keep the doors closed in rooms that your family does use as much, and don't forget to keep the vents in those rooms closed as well. What this does is lower the amount of hot air needed to keep warm by the square foot, making it easier for it to spread quickly throughout your home.

4. Use space heaters, but exercise caution with these.

Space heaters are useful for heating one room at a time. The main challenge behind using them, however, is that they carry a high fire hazard risk. Space heaters have accounted for more than a third of house fires due to heating issues! So don’t estimate the dangers of a space heater when you’re using one in your own home.

To keep your family safe, our Durham heater repair technicians recommend the following:

  • Make sure nothing flammable is sitting at least three feet beside the space heater
  • Keep the space heater on a flat, stable surface
  • Do not leave the space heater running overnight
  • You can purchase a space heater that can turn off automatically after one to four hours
  • Consider buying a space heater that can shut off automatically if it gets knocked over

5. Before You Touch the Thermostat, Put on a Sweater. Smart residential heating is more about keeping you and your family warm, not necessarily your entire home. The house isn't as concerned with staying warm as much as you are, after all! So, slip into something warm and comfortable--a robe, PJ's, a hoodie, your sweater--grab a hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, and grab the thick blankets and sheets. Get all the cozy comforts to keep you warm

Have you any other tips have for keeping your place warm in the winter? Call JD Service Now Company for heating service, and make sure your furnace or boiler keeps you comfortable all winter long!