Heat Pump Installation in Durham, NC

January 15, 2015

You have your furnaces, your boilers, even your solar heat?but Heat Pumps? Before you scratch your head too much, let me explain the many benefits that come with heat pump technology.

These systems are safer and more efficient than traditional forced air and boiler systems. Heat pumps work with your existing central air system. While that system keeps your Durham home cool during the humid summers, heat pumps keep your home comfortably warm in the long winters by taking the heat from outside and bringing it inside.

There is actually heat energy outside, even if the temperatures drop in January and February. This heat energy is pumped in through the central air system converting it to warm air inside your home. JD Service Now has years of experience with heat pump systems and can answer any of your many questions.

The Pros of Heat Pumps

  • Inclusive ?¬†One appliance keeps your home cool and warm year round
  • Energy Efficient ? They simply move heat, not create new heat using minimal electricity
  • Simple ? No need for other fuel, heat pumps run the same way your A/C does
  • Inexpensive to Operate ? Not only are they energy efficient; you might be eligible for a federal tax credit

The Cons of Heat Pumps

  • May Need Supplemental Sources ? During a stretch of sub-30 degree temps, the heat demands of the pump might need help from a furnace or boiler
  • Doesn?t Work in Power Outages – Since they need electricity to operate, any long-term outage would need a backup source of heat.

Heat pumps are a great option if you already have an existing central air system and want to save money on your utilities this winter. By delivering constant warmth and running efficiently, heat pumps are no brainers.

At JD Service Now, our professional experts offer valuable knowhow and thorough service when it comes to installing and maintaining central air systems and heat pumps. Call us today for more information.