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Furnace Repair in Durham, NC

How can you tell if the furnace in your Durham home needs repair? Of course, if you call the JD Service Now & Heating professionals and ask them for an inspection, our experts will find your issue and the best possible way to resolve it in no time flat! But on your own, there are some warning signs any homeowner can check for in order to tell if they need furnace repair, and here is the comprehensive list:
  1. Poor Air Quality– Are your having allergies out of season? It could be because you need duct cleaning! If your ventilation for your HVAC system hasn’t been maintained in a while, it can collect dust and other contaminants that get distributed through the air.
  2. Loud Sounds– Not every furnace can be whisper-quiet, but it also shouldn’t be making banging sounds or other strange noises during normal operation.
  3. Higher-than-Average Bills– Have your heating bills been going up each month? It could be because the weather is getting colder…or there may be something wrong. If you start to notice a huge jump in the price of your energy bills, consider an inspection.
  4. Uneven Heating Between Rooms– If you experience insufficient heat or heat that is unevenly balanced between different rooms, you may have issues with your ventilation or your insulation. Either way, you should have a professional come and perform a check up on your furnace.
  5. Not Matching Thermostat– Should you notice that your home feels colder that the temperature on your thermostat, call JD Service Now. It may not be your thermostat’s problem! JD Service Now can inspect your furnace and deliver solutions quickly.

Think that you might need furnace repair? Don’t hesitate to call today. And if your furnace is past its warranty or even its life expectancy, remember that there is no better time than now to order furnace replacement. With over $1500 worth in rebates available, this could be the year that you get the high efficiency furnace your home needs!