Ask a Plumber in Chapel Hill - Do I Need a Garbage Disposal?

August 7, 2015

When you?re remodeling your kitchen or fitting a kitchen into new construction, then you?re best advised to work with a trustworthy plumber in Chapel Hill. An experienced and reliable plumber can help you determine what features you need, as well as design the plumbing system so it?s safe and effective. And as a part of determining what features you need, you can discuss whether it?s a good idea to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink.

The Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal


A garbage disposal is an electrically powered device that consists of a number of sharp blades positioned between the drain and the trap. When it?s powered on, it shreds and grinds organic waste into tiny pieces that can then easily be flushed through the plumbing system.

There are a number of benefits to installing a garbage disposal:

  • It offers a quick and convenient way of disposing of food waste.
  • It minimizes the possibility of bad smells caused by decomposing food in your kitchen trashcan.
  • Because the waste is immediately flushed away, it?s hygienic and doesn?t attract bugs or other vermin.
  • It?s safer, since food waste buried in landfills cause methane gas, which can combust.
  • It?s better for the environment, since household wastewater is processed into fertilizer products in municipal plants.

Don?t DIY ? Call a Professional Plumber


It?s imperative to understand that installing a garbage disposal is a difficult job that requires expert knowledge of the device, as well as of the plumbing system. And since garbage disposals have extremely sharp blades, it should be clear that there?s considerable risk involved if you?re not an experienced plumber.

Fortunately, if you live in Chapel Hill, you can contact JD Service Now for quick and cost-effective garbage disposal installation. By hiring a professional plumber to do this, you not only guarantee your own safety, you also get a warranty on labor and parts, which reduces any financial risk to you.

So no matter whether you?re remodeling your kitchen or installing a new one, call JD Service Now for garbage disposal installation today!