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Drain Cleaning in Durham, North Carolina

September 10, 2014

Every household has its fair share of accidents, and practically everyone has dealt with the inconvenience of a blocked drain at one point or another.  Many homeowners believe that occasionally clogs are just a reality of piping systems ? but the reality is that good drains don’t back-up.  At JD Service Now, our experts know that drains that are functioning properly never drain slowly, never allow back-ups, and never product gurgling sounds or foul odors.  These are the symptoms of drain clogs, and the problems can escalate to become far worse if they are ignored.

Plumbing experts at JD Service Now prioritize your satisfaction far beyond their own second call.  This is why we offer the “$93 or it’s Free” deal to all of our clients who call for inspection.

What Does “$93 or Free” Mean?

The idea behind the deal is simple: if more homeowners maintained their drains and responded at the first sign of an issue, fewer homes would require expensive replacements and excavation.  It’s true that conventional pipe repair gets a worse rep these days than it deserves (especially considering the fact that, at JD Service Now, we offer 10 year warranties on our work), but the fact of the matter is that it’s much cheaper to strike preemptively against clogs rather than deal with the problem after a collapse happens.  Here’s how the dispatch works:

  • Step One– One of our licensed, skilled, punctual technicians arrives at your home in a well-stocked truck, ready to take care of your faulty drain.
  • Step Two– The technician then performs a camera inspection of your piping system to find the source of your problem.  This state-of-the-art technology allows our expert to view the interior of your pipes and discover the root of the problem by feeding a camera-tipped cable into your drain and seeing the inside on a monitor in real time.
  • Step Three– Having found the source of the problem, our technician now tries to open the blockage with a cable machine.  If successful, then your job is done for $93 flat!  The drain is opened fully, and you’re back to full capacity.  If the drain cannot be opened on that first dispatch, then that initial dispatch (with inspection and cable service) is absolutely free of charge ? guaranteed.  Our plumber will offer you options on how to proceed.

As for how you do proceed, that’s largely up to you: we provide a wide variety of options ranging from temporary to permanent, and all of them are applied only by our top professionals with the highest-grade technology in the industry.  We’ll discuss specific options in our next blog ? or you can call now to speak with a JD Service Now professional.  What do you have to lose?  For a guaranteed drain opening or it’s free, call JD Service Now today.

The JD Service Now Difference

  • Fast, reliable service,24-hours-a-day.

  • We recommend only what youneed to get your own job complete.

  • Our employees train weeklyon customer service and technical skills.

  • We establish long-termrelationships with our clients and view them as business partners.

  • We promise to do it rightthe first time!

  • All technicians are professionallydressed and leave no mess when in your home.

  • Customers can save anadditional 10% with a JD Member Plan.

  • All labor and products come witha warranty - no job is complete until you're happy!

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