Hard Water in Raleigh

November 24, 2014

Have you ever heard of hard water? While it is not necessarily hazardous to your health, you need to ensure that hard water isn?t adversely affecting your piping and other plumbed appliances. In particular, your water heater may be at risk. Considering the amount of use it gets and the general wear and tear it endures, it?s no wonder that at some point your water heater may need service. Plumbing repairs are inevitable, but you also want to prevent problems before they happen. Allowing hard water to flow through your water heater may cause severe problems, but it all depends on the mineral content of your water. In today?s post, we?d like to review this relation in more detail.

Do you notice an off-white or light green buildup around your sink drains or faucets? Do you notice that when mixed with soap, your water fails to produce suds? If so, then you may have hard water. Hard water is water that has absorbed mineral content; it is mostly ?hard? because of its high calcium and magnesium content. You may even notice that your tap water has a metallic or mineral-like aspect of its flavor. As hard water moves through your plumbing piping, it leaves behind deposits of that mineral content, and over time, this can accumulate enough to restrict the volume of water that?s able to flow through your home and may even create partial blockages.

Your water heater is particularly vulnerable to mineral deposits, especially considering the amount of time water sits in your tank ready to be used. Scale can build up inside the tank, especially at the bottom. If you hear a rumbling sound, or if it sounds like your water heater is actually boiling water, then your water heater may have a significant buildup of mineral deposits inside. This will not only cut down on the energy efficiency of your hot water production, but it may also lead to premature replacement and frequent repairs. You may wish to prevent such accumulation by installing a water treatment system.

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