What Counts as a Plumbing Emergency in Raleigh

March 3, 2014

If you go looking for a plumber in Raleigh, chances are you?re going to find at least one or two that offer 24-hour emergency service. Not every problem can wait and sometimes you need to correct an issue well before normal working hours kick in. Raleigh is a fairly big city and people here have their lives to lead. So what counts as a plumbing emergency? That is, how can you tell when a problem can wait and when you need to summon someone sooner rather than later? Specifics always vary, but a few general guidelines can be helpful.

No house can go without functioning plumbing for long. You need your system working in order to get water for drinking and cleaning, which aren?t issues that can wait. So the big question becomes, how long can you get by with the problem before you need to call a plumber? If the answer is at least a day or two, then it?s probably safe to wait until normal business hours. If it?s not, then the issue probably constitutes an emergency.

A more specific answer would be to consider how serious the issue is and how much of the house it affects. A leak, for instance, usually means that at least some part of the house won?t work. You have to shut off the water so that it doesn?t spread and then wait for the cavalry to arrive. In some cases, you can shut it off locally while leaving the rest of your plumbing system intact (say if the problem affects one bathroom sink in a three-bathroom household). In that case, the issue probably isn?t an emergency, or at least not an emergency that requires a 24-hour service call. If, on the other hand, you have to shut off water to the entire house, then you need to get a plumber out as soon as you possibly can. Otherwise, people aren?t going to be able to use the toilets, and drinking water and food preparation are going to be severely curtailed.

Regardless of what counts as a plumbing emergency, you need the right kind of plumber in Raleigh to help you out. JD Service Now provides expert solutions to all kinds of plumbing problems. Give us a call today; you?ll be glad you did!