Common Zone Heating Repairs

March 7, 2014

Zone control systems are a great way to save money on your forced air heating and cooling, and they are quite popular here in North Carolina. They are reliable and cost-saving systems, but they encounter problems from time to time, and it takes expert attention to correct them. Here?s a short list of some common zone heating repairs.

  • Dampers. The dampers installed in your air ducts direct heat to various sections in your home according to specifics determined by the control system. If the dampers become stuck or there is a problem with the controls, you won?t be able to heat your zones effectively. Some areas may be too hot while others won?t be hot enough. A technician will need to determine the source of the problem and correct it.
  • Control system. The control system itself lets you set the temperature in each section of your home. When it suffers malfunctions, it may misread the temperature information or just refuse to turn on at all.
  • Blowers. The fan motor or fan blades themselves may become damaged in your heating system, and lower air flow can effect how well your zone control system is able to control the temperature.

If you need these or any other common repairs, then the Raleigh heating experts at JD Service Now can help.  If you?re having problems with your zone control system, call us today, and let us bring our knowledge and experience to bear. You?ll be glad you did.