Common Causes of Bad Smells from Your Morrisville Plumbing

March 28, 2014

There are a number of ways a layman can tell if there?s a problem with the plumbing, ranging from a flat-out leak to a drop in water pressure. Odors are a little more subtle than other signs, but are usually pretty indicative of a significant problem. It?s often more than just food waste passed down your drain and correcting the issue can involve the services of a professional Morrisville, NC plumber.

Here are some of the common causes of bad smells from your plumbing.

  • Dry p-trap. The p-trap is that pipe with the strange bend in it underneath your kitchen sink. This simple piece of design carries water that forms a seal against smells from the larger sewer system beyond it. When the p-trap dries out, the smells move in. This typically happens in vacation homes or in sinks that don?t see a lot of use (such as a in a guest bedroom). You can correct it simply by running the sink periodically to ensure that the seal is maintained.
  • Sewer breaches. A breach or similar problem with your sewer line is a serious issue, which affects not only your plumbing but the whole of your property. You can usually spot a sewer breach because the smell will appear in all of your sinks, not just one or two. When you notice it, you should call in a plumber immediately.
  • Blocked venting pipes. Venting pipes help release trapped gases from your system. Over time, they can become clogged by gunk in the lines or blocked by birds? nests and snow. That will send the gases back into the system and ultimately out your sink or toilet. A good plumber can clear the blockage and fix the problem.

Here in Morrisville, NC, drain cleaning is offered by JD Service Now. We have experience dealing with the common causes of bad smells from your plumbing and we won?t rest until you?re completely satisfied. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!