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How Ductless Heating Can Save You Money in Raleigh

Ductless heating is exactly what it sounds like: heating that operates without the cumbersome ducts necessary for a forced air system. Ductless heating systems divide your home into individual sections, each one with its own separate indoor unit. Some types of ductless systems are heat pumps, which means they can serve as air conditioners in the summer as well as heat your home in the winter. "How can ductless heating save me money?" you ask. Read on for the answers.

Saving Energy

For starters, ductless heating doesn't need to expend as much energy to heat your whole home. A central furnace needs to blow its hot air throughout the entire system of ducts, and even the best duct system will suffer some energy loss as the air is circulated. Ductless heating eliminates that need since the generated heat only needs to reach the area covered by the unit in question. Indeed, once ductless heating systems are installed, they tend to be cheaper to run than most electric furnaces, saving you a great deal on our monthly heating bills.

Choose Which Room You Want Heated

Even better, because you're handling multiple units instead of just one, you can tailor your heating to affect only those parts of the house that you're using. For empty rooms that aren't seeing a lot of use, you can turn the heater down. This can save you a lot on your utility bills over time.

Ductless heating systems cost a little more to install than some other heating systems, but for homes without ductwork, it's a sensible choice. For other homes, the savings in energy over the lifespan of the system can offset the additional cost. JD Service Now provides excellent Raleigh heating services, and we can install ductless heating systems for your home, as well as go over how ductless heating can save you money. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!

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