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Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • Furnace Replacement in Durham, NC

    December 30, 2014 Does your furnace sputter, smoke, not work, or are makeshift parts failing you left and right? When it's time for a new furnace in your Durham home, waiting is not an option during this winter. By waiting until it?s too late not only will it cause a frosty living environment but also pose a safety issue for your family. A faulty furnace can leak fatal carbon monoxide into your ...
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  • What is Pipe Bursting? Trenchless Pipe Repair in Durham, NC

    December 29, 2014 When your main sewer line is damaged beyond salvaging, our certified plumbing experts will recommend a process called, Pipe Bursting. This might sound like a messy process, but our technicians will respect your property and perform this technique cleanly and effectively. Pipe bursting occurs when the integrity of the existing pipe is beyond salvaging and is very similar to that ...
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  • Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    We see visible air pollution every day: factory smokestacks, cars on the highway, chimneys, etc. We can see it, smell it, and think that is the only kind of pollution we have to worry about. Poor indoor air quality is much more dangerous to our everyday lives. In fact, the air in our homes is often ten times more polluted than the air outdoors. Even now, sitting comfortably inside, you have ...
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  • 5 Causes of Drain Clogs in Durham, NC

    The bathtub drain gurgles as lukewarm water slowly seeps downward away from your ankles. This is no way to live. Either standing in dirty bathwater, residue left in bathroom sinks from a slow drain, or a toilet that won?t flush right anymore. These are all symptoms of dreaded drain clogs. Drain issues can cause a headache for any homeowner. Even if the problem lies just below the drain and results ...
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  • 3 Causes of Furnace Failure in Durham, NC

    December 24, 2014 Nothing is quite as frustrating as a faulty furnace in the dead of winter. As the timing is bad, don't stress for you have an ace in your pocket: the expert team of heating experts at JD Service Now, available 24/7 for furnace repair and furnace replacement. But why does your furnace do this to you? Trust us, its not spite. There are actual reasons that can lead to furnace ...
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  • Burst Pipe Repair Tips in Durham, North Carolina

    December 19, 2014 Trying to find your main water shut off valve for your plumbing in an emergency is often easier said than done! But this winter is going to be a cold one, and you need to be ready for the worst case plumbing scenario: that’s because, if your pipes freeze and burst this winter, you’ll want to know how to turn off the water valve immediately in order to minimize the damage. First, ...
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  • Drain Cleaning Tips for Durham Homeowners

    December 17, 2014 It’s the holiday season again, and homeowners in North Carolina are getting ready to host their friends and families. This year, when you’re celebrating the chance for togetherness and Christmas spirit, be smart: don’t let the holidays put too much strain on your drains ! Whether you’re cooking up dinner for Christmas Eve or serving after-dinner coffee to your guests on New ...
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