Water Treatment System Options in Durham

It's natural to worry about the quality of fresh water in your home. Not only do you drink it, but you use it to cook, bathe, and wash laundry. Contaminants can enter your fresh water supply from a number of places, and one of the best ways to eliminate them is with a water treatment system. Because of the variety of systems available, you might not know which one is best for your home.

But don't worry: help from professionals can get you through the maze of water treatment systems for your Durham, NC home. JD Service Now specializes in water treatment, so we'll get you the assistance you need to bring you high-quality water.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

  • Filters: You're probably familiar with this technology since it's easily available on a smaller scale in water pitchers. Home water filters take care of removing the larger particles polluting your water. Filters are flexible, and can be installed in various parts of the house to match your water usage and the particular contaminants you want removed.
  • Reverse osmosis systems: If your water contains too much salt and metal ions, a reverse osmosis filter system can solve the problem. These systems work by separating water into high pressure and low pressure areas. The high pressure water moves through a semi-permeable barrier, usually a plastic resin called polyimide, which extracts contaminants.
  • Water softeners: A common problem with water quality is "hard water." You may have heard this term, but don't know what it means. Hard water is water with an excess of mineral content, such as magnesium and potassium. Although hard water isn't necessarily a health threat to drink, it can damage your pipes and boiler and make it difficult to form soap suds. Installing a water softener will remove these minerals and balances out the supply. If a water softener adds too much salt, then having a reverse osmosis system can help.

Before you get any water treatment system installed, have a professional test your water so you know what sort of contaminants you need to deal with. At JD Service Now, we have the knowledge to guide you to the best system and install it quickly and right the first time. And if you ever need emergency service, our technicians are available 24 hours a day!