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Signs of Deteriorating Water Heaters in Raleigh

Water heaters are a staple of modern home, providing safe and reliable hot water for bathing and cooking. When the heater experiences problems, it can have a serious impact on your basic quality of life. Water heaters in Raleigh can be impacted by our humid climate, as well as more general uses that affect people all over the country. Here are a few signs of a deteriorating water heater.
  • No hot water. If you run your shower for a long time, you may find the hot water slowly running out; that?s normal for most water heaters which need time to heat up more water when their current levels are depleted. If you don?t get any hot water at all, however, it could indicate a serious problem. The pilot light may have gone out, there may be problems with the valves, or in the case of an electric water heater, power may have shut off due to a faulty component. In all of these cases, a trained technician can diagnose the problem, and recommend an effective solution.
  • Strange noises or smells. Water heaters often accumulate mineral build-up and similar deposits over time. When they break off, they can create odd noises in the heater. Valves closing unexpectedly can also make odd sounds, as can water moving through sediment built up along the bottom of the water heater. A thorough cleaning can remove the build-up, and a trained technician can diagnose the source of any unusual noises.
  • Pooling water. If water starts to pool around the bottom of the tank, you probably have a leak. The tank will need to be repaired or replaced before it can continue.

If you spot the signs of a deteriorating water heater, contact a plumbing service as quickly as possible. JD Service Now has the personnel and expertise to deal with water heaters in Raleigh and throughout the surrounding area. Call us today to set up a service appointment; we?ll respond quickly and act with your complete satisfaction in mind.