Raleigh Plumber: Why is My Water Heater Gurgling?

September 9, 2013

Water heaters rarely enter into homeowners? minds, save during normal maintenance and periods when they actively malfunction. You can spot problems early on by listening for strange noises made by your water heater; Raleigh, NC has its share of experts to deal with the issue, but if you spot it early enough, they can move on the problem quickly before it necessitates more serious repairs. For instance, listen for a distinct gurgling noise before or after you use it. Why is your water heater gurgling? It may be signaling the need for some upkeep.

Gurgling noises often take place in older water heaters, more prone to rust and buildup. When you turn on your shower or hot faucet, the hot water in the tank rises to the top for dispersal into your house. It?s replaced by cold water, which needs to be heated in preparation for use; cold water settles in the bottom of the tank below the hot water. The heater at the bottom of the tank heats up the water, which then rises; if there?s a lot of scaling or rusty build-up the heated water rises through it to create the gurgling sound you hear.

A trained plumber can correct the problem by draining the water heater and cleaning off the scaling. Once the water is flushed out, he can remove the build-up and restore the tank to its previous capacity. In some cases, the build-up might be too much to repair, especially if the water heater is particularly old. Most water heaters are under warranty, but once the warranty expires, you may to think about a new one.

If you do ? or if you simply want to stop that gurgling noise whenever you use the shower ? then contact JD Service Now for help. We know how to repair and replace all manner of water heaters. Raleigh, NC has been part of our service area from the beginning, and we pride ourselves on making every one of our customers happy. We can clean your water heart if it needs it, or talk to you about replacement options if the time is right. Call us today if you need Raleigh water heater service.