Hard Water and Other Plumbing Issues in Raleigh

Your home relies on water that comes from numerous different sources, including rainwater, standing lakes, and reservoirs. The biggest source in the Raleigh area is the Falls Lake Reservoir, in Wake County, which is filtered through the E.M Johnson Water Treatment Plant. It and similar treatment plants process millions of gallons of water a day, filtering out toxins, minerals, and other impurities. They do an effective job, and yet no system is entirely perfect.

What Hard Water Can Do

Hard water, in particular, is a concern since it carries a significant amount of minerals that can escape even the toughest filtration system. That can create problems in your plumbing system. Trained professionals can deal with hard water and issues with plumbing in Raleigh, but it helps if you know what those issues are and how they can affect your life.

Health Concerns

In terms of quality of life, hard water can be rougher on your skin and clothes when you bathe with it. Your skin may be redder and more irritated when you bathe, and you may find that your clothes feel a little rougher (and may wear out faster) after you've laundered them in hard water.

Plumbing Concerns

In terms of the plumbing itself, hard water can leave mineral deposits on the interior of the pipes. Over time, they can build up to become a clog, obstructing the flow of water into your house. Mineral from hard water can also corrode and damage your pipes, increasing the risk of a leak or a burst. You can spot signs of hard water by a crusty white build-up on your shower head or faucet heads. This kind of build-up can be very hard to remove, requiring either harsh chemical cleansers, rough scrubbing or some manner of both. In the most extreme cases, you may need to replace the damaged component entirely.

If you're dealing with hard water and issues with plumbing in Raleigh, call upon the experts at JD Service Now to help. We're experienced in handling these matters, and trained technicians operate with your complete satisfaction in mind. We can repair the damage caused by hard water deposits and speak to you about installing a water filtration system in your home. Contact us today to set up an appointment.