Problems That Can Be Solved with Water Treatment Systems in Raleigh

October 7, 2013

Water is one of life?s basic needs, and running water in your home is one of modern life?s most important conveniences. You drink water, bathe in it, clean your house with it, cook using it, and do your laundry with it. You want the best quality water for all those jobs. But often the water from the municipal supply is substandard, containing pollutants and contaminants that can affect your health and lead to damage throughout your home.

Fortunately, modern water treatment systems can address most of the troubles that might creep into your home?s water supply. Here are some common water problems that these systems can solve.

Remember that before you decide on a water treatment system, you have to know that you?re addressing the right issue. Have a specialist perform tests on your water to see what kind of contaminants you?re dealing with. This will narrow down your choices. JD Service Now can help out to make sure you get the right water treatment system in Raleigh, NC.

  • Drinking water contaminants: You don?t want particles in your drinking water that can make your water taste bad, and spending money on bottled water as a replacement is not really an economical option. There are a number of filters that can catch the larger pollutants.
  • Hard water: The term ?hard water? refers to water with an excess of minerals in it, usually calcium and magnesium. Although rarely dangerous to drink, hard water causes calcite build-up in drains and pipes, leading to a restriction of water flow and sometimes corrosion. Water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis systems are effective at softening the water by removing the mineral content.

JD Service Now specializes in residential water treatment and can install a variety of brands and types of treatment systems to deal with water problems. If you live in Raleigh, NC, and a water treatment system seems like a good option, contact JD Service Now right away.