Raleigh Sewer Question: What Causes Sewer Backup?

You rely heavily on your home plumbing system to deliver pressurized cold and hot water to various fixtures and plumbed appliances throughout your home. But one-half of your plumbing often goes overlooked: the wastewater disposal system. Unfortunately, just like any other aspect of your home, your plumbing system undergoes wear and tear over the years and may be subject to damage at times. One of the common questions we often hear concerns sewer backup.

So, what causes sewer backup? Let's take a look at a few causes:

  • Debris buildup: Hair, grease, and other debris often go down your drain pipes. Even the most diligent homeowner can't catch everything, no matter how many food and hair stoppers you use. While grease is liquid when hot, it turns into a sticky paste when cold, and this can attract other debris. Over time, such debris can accumulate within your sewer and may eventually cause serious problems, such as sewer backup. This can shut down your entire home plumbing system, which you may not even be able to use until you get it fixed.
  • Tree root penetration: Tree roots exert incredible amounts of pressure. When they put enough pressure on your sewer line, they can actually begin to crack the surface of the pipe if the root diameter is large enough. Obviously, this is not good. If you notice a foul odor or even wet spots in your yard, your sewer may not only be backed up, but it may be leaching directly into your soil.
  • Collapsed pipe: While sewer lines are built to last, over time, they are subject to wear and tear and even corrosion. The weight resting on your pipe is enormous, and your sewer can collapse if erosion causes the soil to shift. Also, nearby construction can have reverberating effects on the ground.

Sewer problems are never pleasant, so make sure you take care of them fast. If you need expert Raleigh, NC sewer services, call JD Service Now today!