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HVAC and Water Heating 25C Tax Credits Retroactively Extended

The high-efficiency tax credit is back! The reinstatement of the 25C tax credit covers high-efficiency water heaters installed anytime after December 31, 2011. If you are considering replacing your water heater or upgrading to a more efficient model call JD Service Now for experts installation. We can advise you on which water heater is right for your home and make sure it qualifies for the $300 rebate now available.

Water Heater Options

Electric heat pump water heaters with a 2.0 energy factor and better qualify, as to gas, propane, and oil water heaters with at least a .82 energy factor. Tankless water heaters are a great option and most qualify for this money saving rebate.

The GE GeoSpring hybrid water heaters are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to lower the energy costs. The GeoSpring has an annual savings of $325 a year compared to traditional water heaters, and you can qualify for state and federal rebates in the Durham, NC area.JD Service Now is an authorized dealer of the GE GeoSpring hybrid water heater and our expert team can help you with all water heater installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Find out more about the savings and rebates available with the GE GeoSpring hybrid water heater.