Plumbing Repairs in Durham

December 10, 2013

How High Water Pressure Can Lead to Needing Those Repairs

The water pressure within your home?s plumbing should remain at an even level, not exceeding 80 psi (pounds per square inch). If the water pressure increases, it can lead to numerous repair problems throughout your home that will require the attention of a professional plumber. Often, you won?t notice at first that your home is suffering from high water pressure?until the problems start.

In this post, we?ll look at the effects of high water pressure on your plumbing and the consequences of it. This will help you watch out for signs of high pressure so you can act on it quickly. If you need plumbing repair in Durham, NC, contact JD Service Now, any time of the day or night. (Often, these high water pressure problems are emergencies that need immediate fixing? and we?re standing by to help.)

The dangers of high water pressure

Often, the source of high water pressure comes from outside your home: the municipal water supply, which the water company will set at pressures to meet the needs of fire hydrants and high buildings, but which will be destructive for your home. The pressure might originate in your hot water heater, which can malfunction and overheat, raising the pressure.

The most common repair need from high water pressure is leaks sealing. As the pressure mounts, it will start causing leaks to spring up along the pipes, usually at connectors. These leaks will appear in places that are difficult for you to see and access, so it will require a professional plumber to locate them and repair the leaks?or, in some cases, replace the damaged pipe entirely.

The increase in pressure can also cause valves on your water heater to break, and inflict other damage throughout the unit (such as injuring the expansion tank, a device designed to regulate pressure under normal circumstances). Hoses on washing machines will often break as well, and are frequently the first part of a plumbing system to break because of high pressure.

Don?t ignore high pressure from your plumbing when problems start to emerge: the high pressure will continue to cause trouble, which will spread until you have numerous leaks, busted pipes, leaking faucets, and continually running toilets throughout your home. Contact a skilled plumber right away when you detect leaks, burst water lines, or toilets that start to run for no reason.

JD Service Now is ready to help you with your plumbing repair in Durham, NC. We can fix the damages from high water pressure and find a way to restore the pressure to an acceptable level.