3 Reasons to Get Your Water Heater Inspected in Raleigh

December 18, 2013

Water heaters are a staple of every home: so common that we never think twice about their presence in our household. They?re usually located in out-of-the-way spots like your basement, and if it?s not actively malfunctioning, we tend to put it out of our minds in favor of more pressing concerns. That?s why a periodic inspection of your water heater is a good idea. It helps you keep an eye on potential issues without adding more concerns to your plate. Want specifics? We got ?em. Here are 3 reasons to get the water heater in your Raleigh, NC home inspected.

  1. Prevention. An inspection can identify a small problem before it becomes a larger one. Leaks, rust and other issues only get worse with time, which means that the sooner you can deal with them, the better. That not only makes sure you can address the issue while it?s still relatively inexpensive to fix, but it ensures that your water heater doesn?t break down when you need it the most.
  2. Peace of mind. Even if an inspection doesn?t turn up anything in need of addressing, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing there?s no problems to worry about. That lets you rest easier and focus on other issues around your home without the nagging concern that something might be wrong with the system.
  3. Upgrades or replacements. An inspection of an older unit can lay the groundwork for an informed decision to replace your water heater. When the time comes to add a new water heater, you want to be able to make the decision with time to find the right unit for you and the luxury of contemplating your options. An inspection can help establish what you need and how much longer your existing water heater will continue to operate, as opposed to a rushed installation made when your water heater finally fails for good.

For more reasons to get your water heater inspected, or to schedule a maintenance or repair visit, contact JD Service Now right away. We serve homes throughout Raleigh, water heaters are one of our specialties, and we?re dedicated to your satisfaction every step of the way!