Raleigh Plumbing Repair Tip: How to Deal With Water Leaks

August 29, 2013

Communities like Raleigh, NC experience plumbing problems every day. Some issues cause damage behind the scenes, but a burst pipe or similar catastrophe may leave puddles of water everywhere. You don?t have to be a plumber to spot a problem with that scenario. The good news is that you now know that there?s an issue and can contact a qualified professional to handle it. The bad news is that you still have lots of water to deal with, probably in your kitchen, bathroom or similarly inconvenient location. Here?s what you can do while you wait for the cavalry to arrive.

For starters, you need to turn off the water supply to the leaking component. It can usually be found under the sink or faucet, or where your pipe enters your home in the basement or garage. If you can?t localize the leak, shut off water to the entire house. You should also shut off electrical power to the affected area, if you can do so safely. Water can damage electrical components if the power is on and may create a hazard as well.

You can mop up the standing water, or use a wet/dry vacuum if you have access to one. To get rid of any excessive dampness, open your windows (weather permitting) or run your air conditioning for a time. The AC unit will dehumidify the air slightly, helping to dry it.

Of course, those stopgap measures can?t replace the timely arrival of a qualified plumber who can hunt down the source of the problem and provide a quality solution. JD Service Now has handled plumbing repair in the Raleigh area since 2005. We pride ourselves on swift, efficient plumbing repairs, with an eye on your complete satisfaction. If the waters are rising and you need a hand, don?t hesitate to give us a call. Our expert staff will arrive promptly and fix your plumbing fast.