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Chapel Hill Water Heater FAQ

August 6, 2013

Is There Sediment in My Water Heater?

Few appliances in our homes have such a huge impact on our day to day lives as our water heaters. If you have any reason at all to suspect that there is a problem with your water heater, you are well advised to contact the Chapel Hill water heater experts at JD Service Now immediately. These issues will not just go away on their own, and there is no way that you can hope to repair your water heater on your own.

One common problem that many homeowners face with their water heaters is a buildup of sediment. If your water has a lot of pollutants present or minerals in it when it reaches your home, it is possible for these materials to build up at the bottom of the tank your water heater uses to store water. This can lead to a number of different problems. Sludge can build up at the bottom of the tank, which can both block the drain valve and reduce the amount of water that your tank has at the ready. Of course, as your heating elements are also at the bottom of your tank, it also reduces the efficiency with which your water heater heats water.

You may be alerted to the presence of sediment in your water heater by increased energy costs, discolored hot water, or the sound of bubbling or gurgling coming from your appliance. This is the sound of bubbles trapped beneath the calcium buildup. A professional plumber can drain your water heater and clean out the sediment for you.

Keep your water heater operating as efficiently and reliably as possible. Call the professional plumbers at JD Service Now today to schedule service. We?ll ensure that your water heater in Chapel Hill is in the best condition possible so that you can operate it with total confidence.