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Raleigh Plumbing Repair Tip: Why Does My Sink Smell?

If you have a foul odor emerging from your kitchen sink, it can make cooking and working in your kitchen very unpleasant. Because of all the use that your drains get, blockages can often occur, both at drain openings and deep within the system. When food or other organic waste gets trapped, it begins to rot and the smell may move back up into the living space.

When you put a lot of organic matter down your drains, it can accumulate a number of microbiological organisms that feed on this waste. When a piece of food gets lodged in your drainpipe or combines with other scraps to accumulate into a pipelining sludge, then the smell of their decay can become particularly potent.

Fortunately, all is not lost. And there are some things you can do to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

  • First, use food stoppers and drain screens to prevent scraps of food from going down the drain. This is the most important step. With these in place, you can probably avoid most local blockages that lead to smells.
  • Second, pour boiling water down your drains every so often to clear your drains, especially if you nearly always use your dishwasher, or tend to use only cold water.
  • Third, pour a small amount of distilled white vinegar down the kitchen sink. Vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial acid that will destroy many types of bacteria without the damaging side effects of toxic drain cleaning liquids.

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