Raleigh Drain Cleaning Service: How Hydro Jetting Works

Ensuring that your home has clean drain pipes is essential to maintaining your home plumbing system. But over-the-counter drain cleaning options cannot only be ineffective for serious clogging and partial blockages; they can also ruin your piping. For a truly comprehensive drain cleaning service, you need to hire a professional who uses hydrojetting technology. If you've never had your drains professionally cleaned, or if you are concerned about the integrity of your wastewater disposal system, then Raleigh, NC drain cleaning service may be for you. Call JD Service Now today!

How Hydro Jetting Works

In this post, we'd like to explain how hydro jetting works. First, let's review the components: compressor, hose, and nozzle. While it sounds simple, the hydro jetting components are specially designed to provide a high degree of pressurized water that can break up sludge and other debris, and even emulsify grease. The compressor is calibrated to provide up to 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) at a flow rate of up to 18 gpm (gallons per minute) If you think your home water supply comes out of your tap fast, keep in mind that it's probably no more than about 100 psi. This astounding pressure allows the hydro jetting service to clean your drains and sewer lines thoroughly. The hose diameter may vary but is usually of such a small size so as to fit into even small drain piping.

The nozzle is probably the most unique component of the hydro-jetting system. It is specially designed to clean at 360° so that the entire interior surface of your drainpipe is cleaned. The hose is typically inserted at what's known as a "cleanout," which is a plumbing access point installed to allow for professional service. The nozzle and hose work against gravitational pressure, moving upwards through the piping so that any debris rapidly exits through the section of pipe already cleaned. The whole cleaning system is strong enough for even the most stubborn clogs, and may also be able to remove mineral deposits and other debris. Check with your local drain cleaning specialist.

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