Clearing a Drain in Raleigh: Problems with Your Drain Trap

Plumbing problems can be a hassle during the hot summer months. Foul odors and hot sticky air make for an unpleasant combination. As we've already entered the cooling season in Raleigh, you want to make sure and steer clear of any problems. But due to the amount of wear and tear our plumbing systems endure on a daily basis, you might find that one of your drains needs professional attention. Your drain trap is meant to prevent foul odors from invading your home, but there are some things that can go wrong with it. For more information about your drain in Raleigh, NC, call the experts at JD Service Now today!

What is a Drain Trap?

Your drain trap is a U-shaped or P-shaped vertical bend in your drainpipe, just below your kitchen sink cabinet or bathroom vanity. Its purpose is to prevent sewer gases and fumes from entering your home, but it also allows you to retrieve anything that may have accidentally fallen down the drain, such as jewelry. Like any other aspect of your plumbing, it may eventually require repair.

Signs of a Drain Trap Problem

  • Gurgling sound: A gurgling drain trap may be caused by a ventilation problem. There should be a vent going through the roof that allows your bathroom and kitchen wastewater to move rapidly down the drainpipes and into the sewer line. If there were no ventilation, the water might move slowly. Your ventilation pipe may be blocked, or there may be a partial blockage in the drain trap.
  • Leak: The drain trap is comprised of several different sections connected together. The slip nuts that hold the entire thing together may have loosened over time, or they may have corroded, in which case they need to be replaced. There is often a cleanout plug on the bottom of drain traps to assist access and drainage, if necessary.

These are just a couple of potential problems that you might encounter in your home plumbing system. For professional drain repair in Raleigh, the experts at JD Service Now are here to help. Call us today!