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Ask a Raleigh Plumber: Is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

Because we don't often think about our home plumbing - how it operates in the walls, floors, and underground - it can be difficult to know when drain cleaning is necessary. Partial blockages and clogs are not easy to diagnose for the layperson, and we may not even know exactly our local plumber actually performs drain cleaning. Does he use harsh chemicals? Or a long wire? We often hear this question from clients and friends about drain cleaning. Is it really necessary, or will my home plumbing naturally sort itself out? We believe drain cleaning is necessary and we'd like to tell you why in this brief post. For more information about drain cleaning in Raleigh, NC, call the experts at JD Service Now today!

Here are a few benefits of drain cleaning that we think will convince you:

  • Prevents major blockages: Hair, grease, and other foreign matter can easily build up inside your drain piping. They tend to stick to the insides of pipes and glob together to form walls that present a serious obstacle to your wastewater. Drain cleaning prevents these major blockages before they occur by clearing any small buildups on a routine basis. While it's important to monitor what exactly goes down your drains, this can often be difficult, especially with children in the home.
  • Hygiene: We don't often think of our system of drain piping that allows us to get rid of wastewater rapidly and efficiently so that it doesn't become unhygienic or a health concern. Because our wastewater systems operate by gravity alone, unlike our pressurized supply system, it can often require a little bit of extra attention over the years, especially if it didn't receive the best installation.
  • Improves system life: Both your supply and wastewater systems are vital to the well-being and comfort of your home. Without them, modern home life would simply be impossible. If only for that reason, routine drain cleaning is a great way to ensure that they last for years to come.

It's important to avoid using harsh chemicals to remove blockages in your drain piping. They can actually deteriorate your piping, depending on what material it is made out of. For more information about our Raleigh, NC drain cleaning services, call the pros at JD Service Now today!