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Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • Clearing a Drain in Raleigh: Problems with Your Drain Trap

    Plumbing problems can be a hassle during the hot summer months. Foul odors and hot sticky air make for an unpleasant combination. As we've already entered the cooling season in Raleigh, you want to make sure and steer clear of any problems. But due to the amount of wear and tear our plumbing systems endure on a daily basis, you might find that one of your drains needs professional attention. Your ...
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  • Raleigh Plumbing Repair Tip: Why Does My Sink Smell?

    If you have a foul odor emerging from your kitchen sink , it can make cooking and working in your kitchen very unpleasant. Because of all the use that your drains get, blockages can often occur, both at drain openings and deep within the system. When food or other organic waste gets trapped, it begins to rot and the smell may move back up into the living space. When you put a lot of organic matter ...
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  • Raleigh Drain Cleaning Service: How Hydro Jetting Works

    Ensuring that your home has clean drain pipes is essential to maintaining your home plumbing system . But over-the-counter drain cleaning options cannot only be ineffective for serious clogging and partial blockages; they can also ruin your piping. For a truly comprehensive drain cleaning service, you need to hire a professional who uses hydrojetting technology. If you've never had your drains ...
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  • Ask a Raleigh Plumber: Is Drain Cleaning Necessary?

    Because we don't often think about our home plumbing - how it operates in the walls, floors, and underground - it can be difficult to know when drain cleaning is necessary. Partial blockages and clogs are not easy to diagnose for the layperson, and we may not even know exactly our local plumber actually performs drain cleaning . Does he use harsh chemicals? Or a long wire? We often hear this ...
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