Why You Need a Water Treatment System

There are a number of ways to improve the comfort and health of your home, but one system that many people put off for one reason or another is the installation of a water treatment system. Many Morrisville homeowners assume that the city actively removes anything that could cause them serious harm and therefore their water is perfectly safe.

While it is true that if you are connected to a municipal water supply your water is likely treated for bacteria and pathogens that could cause illness, there are other things in your water – things that can cause damage to your fixtures or discomfort for those in your family.

Hard Water Problems

Hard water becomes a problem when there are high levels of minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium in your water, either from the pipes through which it passes or from groundwater. Hard water is not dangerous to people for the most part, but it can be damaging to a number of components in your Morrisville plumbing. Specifically, hard water can create a build-up in your pipes that can lead to clogs and bursts and can lead residues and damage your fixtures over time. This can be fixed with a water softening system fairly easily.

Chemicals in Water

The city kills the pathogens in your water by flushing it with chemicals like chlorine. While safe for the most part to drink, chlorine can lead to a number of other problems such as a release of dangerous byproduct gasses when used to wash vegetables or in showers. It doesn't affect everyone but those it does will be quite uncomfortable. Other chemicals can appear in your water too, including some naturally occurring and others like hydrogen sulfide that can change the color and smell of your water.

Water treatment is effective in ensuring the water you drink is not only safe but clean and enjoyable. If you haven't yet considered having such a system installed, it is highly recommended for all of these reasons. For more information about installing a water treatment in Morrisville, give JD Service Now a call!