Common Shower Repairs

If your bathtub or shower is in need of repairs, it is essential to contact a professional plumbing service to ensure that the work is completed properly. You can count on our plumbers at JD Service Now to ensure that the repair work is completed correctly.

Common Shower Plumbing Problems

Some of the most common shower plumbing problems tend to be poor shower drainage through clogged shower drains, showerhead leaks and dripping showerheads as well as clogged showerheads. These can often be remedied with a simple repair or a drain cleaning service.

Leaking and Dripping Showerheads

Leaking and dripping showerheads can be caused by either a bad cartridge within the showerhead or the fixture itself is no longer working properly. In either case, the showerhead itself, or some of its internal parts, will need to be replaced. If a leaky showerhead isn't repaired, it can cause higher monthly water bills. Even small drips add up over time. It can sometimes cause excess moisture issues in the bathroom, which can result in mold buildup.

Clogged Showerheads

Worn or clogged showerheads are very easy to spot. They will cause uneven spraying of water, loss of water pressure and possibly even a greenish colored buildup all around the head of the unit. When a showerhead has gotten worn or clogged to this point, usually the best bet is to have the shower head replaced. This can also give you the opportunity of finding a low-flow showerhead that could save you money on water bills.

Poor Shower Drainage Due To a Clogged Shower Drain

Poor shower drainage can occur quite easily because the drains tend to get hair or soap scum stuck in them. When the shower drain clogs, you may need a drain cleaning service. Avoid using common household drain cleaners, since these often contain chemicals that can damage your plumbing. Call us if you have questions about how to prevent shower clogs.

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