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How Hydro-Jetting Works

The Raleigh plumbing professionals at JD Service Now offer hydro-jetting services throughout the service area. We get many questions about how hydro-jetting works and the benefits of this type of drain cleaning. We’ve put together a quick guide for all of our customers below.

What Does Hydro-Jetting Do

High-pressure hydro-jetting cleans your entire drain system by using a high-pressure stream of water. This is a safe and effective way to clean the drain lines in your home. First, a thin, flexible hose is inserted into the drainpipe, and then a specialized nozzle blasts a ring of pressurized water into the pipe. This pressure scours the walls inside your pipes to clear out any blockages, and it can cut through grease, large clogs, mineral buildup, or other debris that has gotten lodged inside the line.

Hydro-jetting can also clean out your main sewer line, and it can even cut through small tree roots. Once the job is complete, we provide a video pipe inspection of the drain lines so that we can show our customers that the job was done right. This is an added courtesy service that many of our competitors do not offer.

In addition to being a safe and clean, hydro-jetting is more effective than simply snaking the line as many plumbers would do. It's also an environmentally-friendly way to clean the drain system in many different applications, such as homes, commercial spaces, apartment buildings, manholes, restaurants, and more.

Don't hesitate to call the Raleigh plumbers at JD Service Now for comprehensive hydro-jetting services.


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