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Why Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

Blocked, slow to empty drains can be really frustrating. Before you reach for the over-the-counter chemical cleaners, though, stop and think. Do you really want harsh, corrosive chemicals being poured down your drain? When you have your drains cleaned professionally by JD Service Now, you can be sure that your drains will not only be cleaned but that they'll be put at absolutely no risk by the process. Chemical cleaners may get your water draining for a while, but there is just no way for them to match the quality of a professional cleaning.

A Clog May be a Sign of a More Serious Issue

To begin with, clogs are just part of the problem your drain and pipes may be experiencing. Chemicals can break up a clog, but chances are they'll leave some of it behind, and it doesn't take long for bits of a clog to snowball into a full-fledged blockage. Additionally there may be deposits built up on the walls of your drainpipes that are causing water to move through them slowly. Chemical cleaners can't remove these deposits from the walls of your pipes, but a professional cleaning service can.

A professional cleaning will utilize technology and methods you don't have access to to ensure that your pipes are clear of any buildup and debris. Live-feed video inspection allows professional plumbers to look inside your drainpipes and pinpoint the location of any blockages. By using high pressure water jetting they will be able to push the clog out of your system while also cleaning the walls of your pipes, and water is a lot less corrosive than those harsh chemical cleaners you get at the store.

Leave it to the Professionals

Even effective do-it-yourself methods have their drawbacks. Snaking out your drain, for example, may allow water to pass through, but how do you know you've gotten the entire clog? Plus, it's possible when using a snake to clear a drain to simply push through the clog or blockage, allowing water to pass through it but leaving it in there to build right back up again. Do yourself and your pipes a favor. Next time you have any draining issues, contact a Durham plumbing professional to ensure your pipes are not only draining but that they're totally free of debris and buildups.

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